Sebastian Galonska

Sebastian Galonska

Sebastian's technology journey began at the tender age of 9 when he first learned to program. Since then he’s worked and managed teams in the social space - where he built the framework for Germany’s largest social network. In 2012 he stumbled into the fin-tech space and stuck with it ever since. In 2015, he started Kontist, Germany’s Freelance Bank, where he serves as Co-Founder and CTO.

Montreal 2020 sessions

FinTech + API-First = GraphQL

English session - Intermediate

Three years ago we have started to build a bank. We made some mistakes, one of them was our API.
This talk describes our journey from an improvised anarchistic REST API to a well-documented, typed GraphQL interface. I will touch on technical and cultural aspects which you should consider if you plan to step into our footsteps.

Necessary Endings for the Sake of your Team

English session - Advanced

Building a healthy development team has never been more challenging for startups, but this is not another talk about hiring. It is about necessary endings. This talk will not prescribe the right way of growing an engineering team. It is about a balanced trade-off. Motivating and shaping software engineers is a no-brainer, however, letting people go has never been popular thus crucial to the health and growth of the team. I'll explain why and how.