Sophie Déziel

Sophie Déziel

Sophie is a senior Rails developer @ Acquisio and president of the Montreal's ruby user group, Montreal.rb. She is also involved as a speaker, volunteer or mentor in various events about tech, inclusion and learning like Les Pitonneux, Montreal All-Girls Hack Nights, RailsBridge and HTML150. She finds public speaking is very scary and it's for that specific reason that she loves it. She also enjoys cycling, snowboarding, bunnies and GIFs.

Montreal 2018 sessions

Extracting A Gem From Your Rails App

English session - Intermediate

So you've got that big pile of (hopefully) useful code. There are plenty of reasons to extracts some parts to gems, but do you know how to do it? In this talk, I will show you step by step how I extracted a gem from a production application and how I published it.

Vancouver 2017 sessions