Steve Jackson

Steve Jackson

Steve Jackson is a double agent at Test Double. He loves creating unique solutions and solving impossible problems with software. Steve is passionate about improving the craft of delivering software and fostering environments where professionals want to continuously improve. You can find him in various locations pairing and learning with anyone that's interested.

Montreal 2017 sessions

Death By Specification

English session - Intermediate

The software industry has developed a number of tools to capture requirements through the years. This session will take a step back from the toolbox and examine the core benefits a project team needs from a tool, rather than the laundry list of features it might also provide. With that lens in place, attendees can re-evaluate ways to build shared understanding without dictating a process that crushes collaboration.

Going to Eleven: Ready for the Swarm

English session - Beginner

100,000 simultaneous users. 38 days. 9 systems. One launch. Ready?

In this retelling of a real-life product "land rush", you'll learn about web load testing of a site that went from zero users to all the users in one day. This talk will cover open source tools, the AWS cloud, dependency isolation, background jobs, and profiling. Hear about some hard lessons learned while negotiating with external partners, OS tuning, and avoiding being t