Tomasz Kowalczyk

Tomasz Kowalczyk

Tomasz Kowalczyk is a software engineer with nearly 10 years of experience in writing web applications. He actively promotes Functional Programming and pursues code quality whenever possible. As an author of several open source libraries he tries to provide well-designed and open solutions to various problems.

Montreal 2018 sessions

Dive deep into blockchain

English session - Intermediate

The blockchain is a hot new topic in the technology due to the rise of various cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin being a most prominent example. How does it work? What advantages does it give? What problems do they solve? What problems can be solved that way? I want you to dive with me into the immutable world of blocks where I will explain everything, from a simple hash, through Merkle trees, up to implementing your own blockchain.

Functional approach in software design

English session - Beginner

Functional programming is a paradigm known for decades. It is gaining popularity again, due to the rise of purely functional languages like Haskell. You may wonder, how it could be useful in PHP? You need to know that it is also a set of concepts that are language independent and allows for completely different approach when writing regular application code. Using a few techniques and a slight change of perspective your code will be cleaner.