Tony Wieczorek

Tony Wieczorek

I'm a personable and innovative engineering executive obsessed with the user experience. I believe our engineering departments should be as diverse as the people we help. I've worked at the Free Software Foundation, NASA and car-sharing service Zipcar. I am proud to have lead Zipcar's vehicle and customer support engineering teams through growth, IPO and eventual acquisition. I'm now VP of Technology for Patient Discovery, a patient adherence platform.

Vancouver 2017 sessions

Building a Secure Health App on Amazon Web Services

English session - Advanced

Health data is some of the most private information your app can collect. You have a duty to your users to keep that data private, secure and encrypted. You also need to adhere to strict laws protecting that privacy, including HIPAA in the USA, the Data Protection Directive in the EU and PIPEDA/PHIPA in Canada.

You'll learn about Protected Health Information (PHI) and how to protect it on Amazon Web Services.

Ruby on Rails at Scale on Amazon Web Services

English session - Intermediate

AWS is the perfect platform to run a Rails App at scale. In this talk, you'll learn how to host and deploy your app using Elastic Beanstalk with the following features and technologies: SSL termination at the ELB load balancer (including a free SSL certificate), caching using Redis on Elasticache, and a database running on RDS.

Montreal 2017 sessions

Montreal 2016 sessions