Weihang Jian

Weihang Jian

I am a web developer in roundTAIWANround Inc. from Taiwan, founder of 5xRuby, a book writer, the creator of "exif" and "jaro_winkler" gem, also an active open source contributor in ruby world.

Montreal 2018 sessions

An Introduction of Interator Pattern in Ruby

English session - Beginner

One of the common mistake that Rails beginners will make is to put too much business logic code inside controllers, because they don't know which model is responsible to this logic, or they are not sure where to put them.

This session will explain what situation that interactor is needed and how it can be used to encapsulate your application's business logic to help controllers lose weight.

Improve Cookie-based Session with Decorator Pattern

English session - Intermediate

In Rails, cookie-based sessions are encoded, signed and encrypted by default magically. However, it is hard to do the same thing with Sinatra or Rack. In this session, I will introduce how decorator pattern works in Ruby and show how flexible it can integrate with cookie-based session encoding instead of installing gems like "rack-session-encryption" or "encrypted_cookie".

Montreal 2015 sessions