Wim Godden

Wim Godden

Wim Godden has been working with open source technologies since 1997 and has been involved in open source projects such as PHPCompatibility.
Next to web development, he's worked with a wide range of technologies (from database clusters to Internet backbone design) and focuses a lot of his time on high-scalability projects and on coaching/training web engineers.

Montreal 2022 sessions

Events, queues, projections, offline mode and much more

English session - Intermediate

Let's take a deep dive in the world of event sourcing, projections and queues and see how a real world app ties these (and much more) together in an Oro Platform app that links hundreds of (sometimes online, sometimes offline) computers spread over as many locations together. Not for the faint of heart !

Websockets as the glue to interactivity

English session - Intermediate

When you hear the term websockets, a chat applcation comes to mind almost immediately. But websockets and websocket libraries go far beyond the simple application of a chat system. We'll quickly go through some websocket basics before diving deep into advanced applications, from real-time control of hardware to clustered payment handling. You'll never look at websockets the same way !

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