Xavier Briand

Xavier Briand

Development Lead at ExperiencePoint.
I lead our DevOps transformation efforts, as well as broader operational excellence initiatives throughout the organization.

Online 2021 sessions

Strangler Fig and layered cake: restructuring a monolith

English session - Intermediate

How to manage a quaint, yet indispensable software monolith? The one that outlived (twice) your shiny frameworks. The one that was created when 10 people was all it took to run the business. Well, you "just" need some clean architecture, and an understanding of Conway's law for decoupling, a healthy use of the Strangler Fig pattern to survive change, and some inspiration from the DDD community to make the app tell the story of your organization.

What is technical debt? And how to talk about it?

English session - Beginner

Do you struggle prioritizing cleaning/refactoring/rearchitecting work against feature work? Do you have a hard time explaining why this might be more important than delivering business value? What is the relationship between technical debt and business value anyway? Understanding technical debt is difficult, talking about it is harder. Let's see if Mr Cunningham, DevOps, and the flow framework can give use some cues and tools to help us out.