Zac Delventhal

Zac Delventhal

Full Stack Developer and Decentralized Application Specialist at Unveil.Social. Core maintainer of Hyperledger Sawtooth. Classically trained actor. Passionate about open source, functional programming, web as a platform, blockchains, and great action scenes. He/Him.

Montreal 2020 sessions

An Engineer's Guide to Blockchain App Development

English session - Intermediate

Blockchain is an immature technology in a space polluted with scams and snake oil. It is easy to become skeptical about a tech that promises so much and hasn't delivered a thing outside of some dicey investment opportunities. But the potential is real. And the tech is neat. This primer will cover the fundamental concepts from an engineering perspective, as well as some of the emerging open source platforms you can start experimenting with today.

Functional TypeScript

English session - Beginner

TypeScript is an odd duck. A language designed by C# engineers of an object-oriented persuasion. But built on JavaScript, a slapdash ode to Scheme. Is there room for both approaches? Of course! We're engineers. We just use what suits us and happily ignore the rest! This talk reduces TypeScript to the features functional programmers love. Get ready for a lot of interfaces and generics, and not one mention of classes or (shudder) access modifiers.