March 8-10, 2017
Montreal, Canada


HTML and CSS are the web's basic building blocks. In mastering these two languages, developers will take their first steps in the incredibly dynamic field of front-end software development.

This hands-on course will cover HTML5 and CSS by having participants integrate an actual design. Participants will learn the fundamentals then quickly move on to using HTML's semantic elements to structure content and CSS to style them. They'll learn about CSS' good and bad parts, the flex-box model for layout and animations. Finally, participants will get to apply responsive design techniques, learn about progressive enhancement and work with CSS frameworks.

By the end of this 2-day course, participants will have a solid understanding of HTML's and CSS' core concepts and will be able to create, structure and style web pages.

Topics Covered

  • Using the correct tools for creating and debugging pages;
  • HTML5 fundamentals;
  • CSS fundamentals;
  • Structuring data with lists and tables;
  • Structuring content with semantic elements;
  • Building forms and validating input fields;
  • Using CSS for styling, layout and animations;
  • Positioning elements on the page;
  • Understanding the box model;
  • Using flex-box for layout;
  • Understanding responsive design techniques;
  • Understanding progressive enhancement concepts;
  • Using CSS frameworks.

François-Xavier Guillemette

CODE3 Coopérative de solidarité

François started programming web applications in the early 2000s and really has not stopped since. Now software consultant and professional trainer, he tries to convey his passion for new and different programming languages, frameworks and tools to his students. François also has the privilege of running the CODE3 coop and teaching web development and software engineering at UQAM.

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