26 février au 1 mars 2013
Montréal, Canada

Cloud Data for the Everyday Developer

This demo-filled session will dive into Windows Azure’s relational and non-relational PaaS data services and how your applications can easily and efficiently leverage these services. We’ll look at SQL Database, the cloud-based relational database based on SQL Server technology, then look at the details of the NoSql data store service Table Storage.

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Scott Klein


Scott Klein is a Corporate Technical Evangelist for Microsoft focusing on Windows Azure SQL Database (AKA SQL Azure) and related cloud-ready data services. His entire career has been built around SQL Server, working with SQL Server since the 4.2 days. Prior to Microsoft he was a SQL Server MVP for several years, then followed that up by being one of the first 4 SQL Azure MVPs. Scott is the author of over 1/2 dozen books for both WROX and APress, including Pro SQL Azure.

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