26 février au 1 mars 2013
Montréal, Canada

Fluid, Fluent APIs

Programming is hard, but we can magnify our efforts with excellent API design. Let’s explore how, as we consider compactness, orthogonality, consistency, safety, coupling, state handling, layering, and more, illustrated with practical examples (and gruesome mistakes!) from several popular Python libraries.

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Erik Rose


Erik applies static analysis and search to the Firefox codebase, helping developers navigate and reason about it. Previously, he was the language-processing and search guy at Votizen. He's also spent time in the Zope and Plone universe, where he wrote several popular Plone plugins, served on the Framework Team, and authored the book Plone 3 for Education. Erik speaks at conferences, maintains a raft of libraries, and thinks about how to make formal languages fit humans’ brains.

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