26 février au 1 mars 2013
Montréal, Canada

Painless, version-controlled database refactoring

Emailing *.sql files to the in-house DBA before each release used to work for your single-node, single-environment website. You have recently been tasked with building a multi-environment application architecture when you realize that you need to come up with a more professional process which is less error-prone.

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Wil Moore

Time Warner Cable

Wil is a full-stack software craftsman with a passion for user-experience and aesthetics. Wil is a Zend Certified Engineer with PHP 5.3 and is completely in awe of and contributes to many open-source projects. He is not shy about advocating for a development culture of multi-paradigm programming, pairing, testing, peer review, and mentorship. Wil primarily programs in JavaScript, Ruby, and PHP.

He lives in Denver, Colorado with his loving wife and three excellent children.

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