26 février au 1 mars 2013
Montréal, Canada

Storm: the Hadoop of of Realtime Stream Processing

Storm is a high-volume, continuous, reliable stream processing system developed at BackType and recently open-sourced by Twitter.

We'll start by touching on what problems Storm is (and isn't) trying to solve and why it's model is so powerful. We'll then move on to a deep dive into how to get Storm up and running.

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Gabriel Grant


As web lead at dotCloud for the past year, Gabriel spent his time mashing together Python with both browser- and Node.js-based JavaScript to create best-of-both-worlds applications used by thousands of developers.

Gabriel now spends more of his time doing developer advocacy -- acting as dotCloud's ""customer-in-residence"" to ensure the company is producing a product developers love.

He maintains and contributes to a number of open source projects: https://github.com/gabrielgrant

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