26 au 28 février 2014
Montréal, Canada

Reviewing Magento for launch

Nothing is more exciting that rolling one's website for a real audiance. After a significant time of development with Magento, everyone is eager to see the new e-commerce site behaves. Every stake holder, may it be security architect, SEO expert, speed freak or your beta testers, everyone mentionned something crucial to check. We'll review what configurations, architectures recipes or data preparation may be used.

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Damien Seguy


Damien Seguy is CTO at Exakat Ltd., a company specialized in PHP code quality solutions for the industry. He leads the development of the exakat static analysis engine, that automatically review code for version compatibility, security and clear code. Over the last 17 years Damien has contributed to PHP, as documentation author, elephpant breeder, conference UFO on all continents. He also enjoys gremlin and camemberts.

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