Damien Seguy

Damien Seguy

Damien Seguy is CTO at Exakat Ltd., a company specialized in PHP code quality solutions for the industry. He leads the development of the exakat static analysis engine, that automatically review code for version compatibility, security and clear code. Over the last 17 years Damien has contributed to PHP, as documentation author, elephpant breeder, conference UFO on all continents. He also enjoys gremlin and camemberts.

Sessions Montréal 2022

Confoo, 20 years later

Session en anglais - Débutant

Confoo is turning 20 this year, and it has already seen so much action and revolutions. Started as a grass root community conference, built on trust and enthusiasm, it has evolved over the years into a professional multi-technology behemoth!

In this interactive presentation, we'll tell you the unknown secrets of the beginning of that grand journey, and lay out the road for the future of confoo!

Get ready for PHP 8.1

Session en anglais - Intermédiaire

Already, PHP 8.1 is upon us, and it is bringing a truckload of new features and modernizations. Enumeration, readonly properties, new initializers, intersection types : we are in for a treat !
This session present all the upcoming incompatibilities, the exciting new features and how to get your code ready for them !

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