18 au 20 février 2015
Montréal, Canada

Internationalization: 42 Languages, 54 Currencies, 1 CSS

As a product goes global, multiple languages and currencies becomes a major requirement. Sounds straightforward, but is simply displaying localized content enough? Will a design choice work for both Japan and US markets? Will that 200px wide column fit long greek words? Will your layout still work on a right-to-left language? In this talk, we'll see the challenges of implementing a front-end that works for 42 languages and 54 currencies.

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Eduardo Shiota Yasuda


Eduardo Shiota Yasuda has studied Computer Science, ended up graduating in Graphic Design, and has been working as a Front-end Engineer for 10 years, being part of projects ranging from small hotsites, to large scale applications. As a programmer, loves clear, elegant, modular, and readable code. As a designer, loves well structured information, clean and clear layouts, and User Centered Design. As a front-end engineer, loves semantics, modular CSS, and JavaScript's good parts.

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