18 au 20 février 2015
Montréal, Canada


Building Testable PHP Applications

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Domain logic is the heart and soul of software. It is responsible for representing concepts of the business domain and its rules, providing a foundation for implementing the required processes and workflows.

Tangling domain logic with application logic, for instance by coupling it tightly to a framework, leads to software that is hard to test, a pain to maintain, and not flexible enough for changing requirements. These problems can be avoided by inverting the relationship between domain logic and framework.

Applying the concepts and practices of domain-driven design leads to applications which are independent of frameworks, independent of any particular persistence technology, and independent of the user interface. It is precisely this independence which makes applications testable: unit tests, edge-to-edge tests and end-to-end tests can all be easily and effectively implemented when the architecture is solid and sound.

This two-day training event will be held on February 16-17 2015 in Montréal, right before ConFoo. The attendees will learn how to apply domain-driven design to implement testable applications with PHP. The focus of this training will be on live coding, taking the attendee's questions and feedback into account.

Your trainers Sebastian Bergmann, Arne Blankerts, and Stefan Priebsch are world-renowned PHP professionals with combined and complementary expertise in the areas of strategic planning, architecture, quality assurance, systems infrastructure and IT security.

Symfony, Advanced Techniques & REST API Design

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Originally created for the internal needs of the french SensioLabs company, the Symfony framework has been open sourced in 2005 to become the one of the most famous PHP frameworks for building professionnal web applications. It's already used and supported by a growing PHP developers community from many well known Open Source projects such as Drupal, phpBB, Doctrine, Composer, Silex, Behat or eZ Publish.

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