18 au 20 février 2015
Montréal, Canada

Introduction to Swift for Beginners

Swift is Apple's brand new language that simplifies the process of building iOS apps. In this session, no matter if you have zero experience coding, you'll learn how to build a retail app end-to-end using Swift! You will find out how to design interfaces using storyboards, make phone calls, launch websites & add images and maps. You'll be coding along so bring your Mac & download Xcode (available for free in the AppStore) before the session!

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Jean-Luc David

Sinnovations, Inc.

Jean-Luc is an experienced technologist based in Toronto. He's got his start running a successful web & mobile development shop for over 11 years. Jean-Luc has worked for companies such as Microsoft, Yellow Pages Group, Digiflare, and Docler Media. He is currently working as a teacher and consultant and his passion is building Fareplane, a flight booking app for iOS.

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