18 au 20 février 2015
Montréal, Canada

Let's Start Hacking!

Facebook introduced Hack lang for HHVM in March, 25 2014. So what's Hack? It's an almost interoperable language with PHP that tries to introduce new features to PHP. You get static typing, enforced typing hinting, generics among other features.
We will go through a few example to see what can Hack offer for a PHP developer.

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Ibrahim AshShohail

Tamkeen Technologies

Ibrahim AshShohail is a Zend Certified Engineer working as a Senior Developer at Tamkeen Technologies based in Riyadh, SA. He graduated from KSU with a bachelor degree in Computer Science. Ibrahim has been working on PHP for +8 years. His passion for open-source started two years ago and he has been trying to contribute to the wonderful community since then. A Laravel advocate since 3.x. Find him on twitter: @ibrasho

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