23 au 25 février, 2022
En Ligne, Fuseau Horaire GMT-5

AI & IoT for real-time data computation and optimization

The power AI is providing for the IoT deployment has become a game-changer, being one of the drivers of IoT. Offering a multitude of advantages based on the capacity to automate services, management, and maintenance of IoT devices, but current centralized solutions present certain vulnerabilities such as, security, data processing, and real-time data to information. To solve it we will present a decentralized AI data to information refinement.

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Mattias Bergstrom

Internet of Everything Corp

Mattias Bergstrom is a successful innovator, serial entrepreneur, and futurist with a main focus on business and technical strategies of distributed network, AI and computing based solutions. Has developed multiple Internet protocols and designed high-speed network solutions in the last 25 years, as well as, holds more than 60 patent claims in the field of networking, wind turbine and agricultural technologies. Co-founded and exited multiple startups as CEO or CTO; OpenTV, Voddler and System73..

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