23 au 25 février, 2022
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The Lost Art of Database Design

The scalability of your application and your database is only as good as the database design you put behind it. Designing your schema, the database structures, and planning for the future need to happen early and needs to evolve over time. In today's rapid pace development cycles, the database design is often overlooked or even dismissed entirely. Databases and marketing teams tout "Schemaless Designs", database as a service, and new tech that

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Matt Yonkovit


Matt Yonkovit has been in the Open Source Database Community for over 15 years working for MySQL AB, Sun Microsystems, Mattermost, and Percona. Matt has held technical roles, management, and executive roles (including Chief Customer Officer, Chief Experience Officer, VP of Global Services) serving the open-source community. He is currently serving as Percona's head of open source strategy and growth (the HOSS), focused on helping developers, architects, and DBA's get the most out of their op

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