22 au 24 février, 2023
Montréal, Canada

Don't Panic! Security's here to assess your project.

You and your team have been working on some web apps and APIs for a few sprints now, and you may or may not already have a version running in production, when out of the blue, the client announces that a security company will do an assessment of your project. If your initial reaction to this news is either being scared or concerned, you're probably right. And you should probably attend this session to be better prepared for what comes next!

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Wesley Cabus


Wesley is a Coding Architect at Xpirit in Belgium, where he helps organizations to build better applications, helps teams to improve their skills and organizes workshops to share his knowledge.

He's also a Microsoft Azure MVP, crew member at Techorama Belgium, board member of the VISUG meetup in Belgium and speaker at conferences and meetups.

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