22 au 24 février, 2023
Montréal, Canada

Introduction to Vitess, sharding framework for MySQL

Vitess (vitess.io) is a framework built on top of MySQL for horizontally scaling MySQL. It was designed at Google for scaling YouTube through hyper-growth and has since then been release to Cloud Native Compute Foundation (CNCF) were it is considered a "graduated project".

I will guide you through the basic architecture and the most important components and features.

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Matthias Crauwels


Since the age of 10 I’ve always been passionate about computers. I’ve been working with them ever since. In 2005 I got my degree in computer science. After 5 years of being a MySQL Consultant at Pythian I decided to join PlanetScale to help support enterprise customers running Vitess (vitess.io) and PlanetScaleDB (planetscale.com).

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