22 au 24 février, 2023
Montréal, Canada

Testing microservice, a story of contract and collaboration

Our natural approach to microservice testing is with all services integrated during the testing phase. This mindset is opposed to the essence of microservices, independently deployable units.

During this presentation, we will go through an emerging testing technique that reduces our need to integrate service before deploying into production, contract testing with a collaboration flow between teams.

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Antoine Lefrancois

Elapse technologies

Antoine is a software development practitioner who likes to share his passion with everyone around him. First a developer, now a DevOps coach and speaker, he takes pleasure in discovering and learning new concepts, techno-oriented or human-oriented. Adding to his presence in the industry, he is a lecturer at Université Laval, sharing his passion for software architecture and craftmanship with the next generation of engineers. His goal is to help teams achieve their highest level of performance!

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