22 au 24 février, 2023
Montréal, Canada

Will chatGPT take your job? The rise of conversational AIs

Do you want the good or the bad news first? End of last year OpenAI took everyone by surprise by releasing chatGPT. Microsoft, Meta and Google are now doubling down on AI chat-driven systems. Are you ready?

In this keynote, we'll explore the current and potential uses of multimodal conversational AIs. Let’s take a deep dive into this fascinating technology and consider what it means for our future as Developers.

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Gerard Sans

Google Developer Expert; former AWS Amplify team

Gerard Helps Developers succeed in Artificial Intelligence and Web3; He is very excited about the future of the Web and JavaScript. Always happy Computer Science Engineer and humble Google Developer Expert. He loves to share his learnings by giving talks, training and writing about cool technologies. He loves running Web3 London, GraphQL London, GraphQL San Francisco, mentoring students and giving back to the community.

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