Andrew Lombardi

Andrew Lombardi

Andrew Lombardi is a veteran entrepreneur and software developer. His parents taught him to code while barely able to read on an Apple // he still wishes he had. He’s been running the consulting firm Mystic Coders for 20 years, coding, speaking internationally and offering technical guidance to companies as large as Walmart and companies with problems like helicopter simulation.

Sessions Online 2021

Tracking Coronavirus with React and Redux and Python

Session en anglais - Débutant

The Coronavirus has brought the world together in a common fight, and we built the initial version of in less than 3 days with only 3 developers. Join me on a talk designed to show you how to rapidly go from idea to prototype to full fledged application using React and Redux. Go from setting up your environment to an interactive application in this short time frame. Stay safe, stay home, and code!

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