Andrew Lombardi

Andrew Lombardi

Andrew Lombardi is a veteran entrepreneur and software developer. His parents taught him to code while barely able to read on an Apple // he still wishes he had. He invented the Internet and Nutella (suck it Al Gore) while drinking bulletproof coffee and staring off into space. He’s been running the consulting firm Mystic Coders for 18 years, coding, speaking internationally and offering technical guidance to companies as large as Walmart and companies with problems like helicopter simulation.

Montreal 2018 sessions

Build your own cryptocurrency for fun and fractional profit

English session - Beginner

In this talk learn about what it takes to build your own token on the Ethereum platform. Learn how to build a simple token designed to run on the Ethereum Virtual Machine with the contract-oriented language Solidity. Smart contracts are in their infancy and building them while much easier on the Ethereum Virtual Machine, are still a change in mindset for any typical web developer.

How to leverage WebSocket in the real world

English session - Intermediate

Learn a practical way to leverage WebSocket in real world situations. WebSocket allows you to communicate between client and server on a single connection simultaneously without the need for the hacks of the past. With this in-depth talk you'll learn a few key areas where leveraging WebSocket can eek out necessary performance gains, and improve your user experience.

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