Sebastian Daschner

Sebastian Daschner

Sebastian Daschner is a Java Developer Advocate at IBM, a consultant, author, and trainer. He is the author of the book ‘Architecting Modern Java EE Applications’. Sebastian is helping to form the future standards of Enterprise Java EE, in the JCP and Jakarta EE, and collaborating on various open source projects. For his contributions in the Java community and ecosystem he was recognized as a Java Champion, Oracle Developer Champion and JavaOne Rockstar.

Sessions Montréal 2019

Cloud Native, Service-Meshed Java Enterprise With Istio

Session en anglais - Débutant

In enterprise software, we see more and more of the cloud native technologies, especially container orchestration and service meshes, slowly taking over the market. Developers are facing the challenge which technology to choose for a cloud native setting. Java EE has been used for software solutions for a long time and its APIs are well-established. However, is it possible to develop cloud native, service-meshed Java Enterprise applications?

Zero-downtime Java Enterprise Applications With Kubernetes

Session en anglais - Intermédiaire

The software world moves faster than ever. In order to stay competitive, new software versions need to be rolled out as soon as possible, without disrupting active users. Many enterprises have moved their workloads to Kubernetes, which has been built with production-readiness in mind. However, in order to achieve real zero-downtime with Kubernetes, without breaking or loosing a single in-flight request, we need to take a few more steps.

Sessions Montréal 2017