8 au 10 mars 2017
Montréal, Canada

Java EE -- the most lightweight enterprise framework?

A long time ago J2EE and especially application servers were considered to be too bloated and "heavyweight". It could be quite tedious and discouraging for developers to use that technology for developing applications. But since the name change to Java EE that assumption is not true anymore.

This session shows the benefits of developing against a well-established standard and why Java EE is one of the most lightweight and productive solutions.

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Sebastian Daschner


Sebastian Daschner is a Java Developer Advocate at IBM, a consultant, author, and trainer. He is the author of the book ‘Architecting Modern Java EE Applications’. Sebastian is helping to form the future standards of Enterprise Java EE, in the JCP and Jakarta EE, and collaborating on various open source projects. For his contributions in the Java community and ecosystem he was recognized as a Java Champion, Oracle Developer Champion and JavaOne Rockstar.

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