Sonia Di Maulo

Sonia Di Maulo

Sonia Di Maulo MA, CRP, is a Global Leadership Performance Strategist specializing in conflict resolution for teams - an award-winning performance improvement professional with 16 years of experience partnering with organizations to analyze, design/develop, deliver and evaluate human resource initiatives that measure the value and impact of organizational effectiveness. Her book, The Apple in the Orchard (2012) was endorsed by leadership guru, Ken Blanchard.

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Increase Your Influence through Positive Communication

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Being an inspiring person might not be something you wake up aiming for everyday, yet small daily actions can help us become extraordinary.

Leadership is a choice to lead ourselves and then others. How well do you lead and how well do others interact with your leadership?

During this 2-day workshop, you will be exposed to research-based, best practices and hands-on practice that will give you the courage to emerge into greatness.

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