8 au 10 mars 2017
Montréal, Canada

Accessible JavaScript-powered Web Applications

We're building more complex and more awesome JavaScript-powered user interfaces every day. But, are they accessible? If not, how do we make them that way? In this talk, I'll explore the basic concepts of accessibility and then how we, as designers and developers, can ensure our shiny, new pages and apps are as accessible as they are beautiful and functional.

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Robert Jolly

An accessibility-focused Project Manager with nearly 20 years in the industry, Robert has worked on award winning sites for teams including Happy Cog, Simply Accessible, Seven Heads Design, SuperFriendly, and Big Medium. Past clients include Zappos, Georgetown University, Nintendo, Time Inc., RealSimple, ESPN, American Airlines, JetBlue, and many others. When not online, Robert may be found with his family, riding his bike, or at a nearby Waffle House.

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