8 au 10 mars 2017
Montréal, Canada

Introduction to Data Visualization

Data is meaningless if not delivered properly. This talk will introduce you to the dazzling world of Data Visualization for web. We will look at three JavaScript libraries: HighCharts, D3, and Google Visualization. We will explore common applications, and how to integrate them in analytics dashboards and reports. Finally, we will show how to use the React framework with these libraries to render graphics automatically.

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Santiago Paiva

I am a Research Assistant and Software Developer at the Montreal Neurological Institute (MNI) working on NeuroImaging cyber-infrastructure for open science. Previously, I worked at startups Busbud, Frank + Oak, and Sharethebus. I aspire to build things that inspire and drive change in the complex universe we live in. I am an autodidact, TED enthusiast, Singularity University follower, fanatic of global languages and culture; obsessed with nature, and the transformative power of information.

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