8 au 10 mars 2017
Montréal, Canada

Stop Writing More Tests!

Writing tests is tedious. Rather than writing your own tests, you should get your computer to do it for you! Hypothesis is a Python testing library that lets you specify properties of your code that should hold, and it generates the data for you. This means that you get literally thousands of test cases with minimal effort. See how you can get better tests by writing fewer test cases!

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Christopher Neugebauer

AlphaSights, Inc / Python Software Foundation

Christopher Neugebauer is an Australian developer, speaker, and serial community conference organiser. He serves as a director of the Python Software Foundation, and co-organises the acclaimed North Bay Python conference, a boutique one-track conference in a live music venue in Petaluma, California.

By day, Christopher works as a Senior Software Engineer at AlphaSights, where he uses Kotlin to build communications tools that put clients around the world in touch with knowledge they need.

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