8 au 10 mars 2017
Montréal, Canada

Working In The World Of Responsive Design

The term ‘responsive design’ has evolved over the past years to mean more than just fitting a site onto your phone’s screen. Responsiveness now caters to a wide range of needs and concerns, which isn’t always clear or easy to navigate. In this talk, we’ll explore multiple responsive concepts and techniques, their pitfalls and limitations, and explore a range of solutions, tips and tricks to help in the ways of responsive design.

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Haris Mahmood


I'm a web developer based in Toronto currently working at Shopify. I am also a lead instructor at HackerYou where I teach a part-time web development course in the evenings. I enjoy spending time working on my side projects (Devtoast, Focuspocus.io, Rep It Supply), leveling up my photography skills, and having heated debates about Game of Thrones.

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