7 au 9 mars, 2018
Hôtel Bonaventure

How to onboard a junior developer

A junior developer will join your team. If nothing is done, they are likely to be unproductive for a long time. You & me have been there too. This is not a great experience, for anybody. Still, great engineers need to be made, and this starts on day one. Based on my experience and on the EURA NOVA onboarding system, I will discuss why onboarding is important, which elements are required, how to plan and do it, and which common pitfalls to avoid.

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Christophe Philemotte


I build development tools, such as PullReview, and I like to help developers. I also work at EURA NOVA, a private research service company. I am a polyglot developer; C++ and Ruby are my strongest languages. I like to talk at conferences and to support the community. I co-founded Ruby Belgium and I am its current president.


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