13 au 15 mars, 2019
Hôtel Bonaventure

How to write memory efficient code?

Based on our study across thousands Heap dumps, most enterprises waste 30 - 70% of memory due to inefficient programming. In this session you will learn effective programming practices, techniques and tricks to write memory efficient code. Memory efficient code facilitates to deliver top performance, reduce cloud hosting bill (significantly) and of course eliminate memory leaks.

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Ram Lakshmanan

GCeasy.io & fastThread.io

Every single day millions & millions of people in North America travel, bank, do commerce & shipments using the applications that Ram Lakshmanan has architected. Ram is the founder of the highly popular GCEasy.io - Universal Garbage Collection log analyzer and FastThread.io - Java thread dump analyzer. Ram advices startups to Fortune 500 enterprises to Governmental organizations on their critical technology initiatives. He is the recipient of popular developer contest awards & highly sought spea

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