13 au 15 mars, 2019
Hôtel Bonaventure

International is the new mobile first

This year Shopify launched in 6 new languages. In this talk, you’ll gain insight about how international is forcing them to fundamentally shift their way of thinking. In the same way mobile disrupted a once desktop-only internet, international is disrupting the way we think about commerce. Learn about the principles & tooling we’re using to take on meaty challenges to drive forward a large scale product that previously only supported english.

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Robyn Larsen


Robyn Larsen is a front-end developer, entrepreneur, and speaker. Robyn is also an active community member who advises numerous startups across multiple industries and frequently mentors women in tech and STEM. She is is a member of the Technical Advisory Group (TAG) with Microsoft and Avalanche Canada. She builds tools for entrepreneurs on the International team at Shopify and co-founder of Zona Fitness Academy. She is a globe trotting, adrenaline junkie currently living the remote dream.

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