13 au 15 mars, 2019
Hôtel Bonaventure

Your first tests with Headless Chrome

Headless Chrome is an awesome tool in end-to-end testing and browser automation that I think everyone should have in their tool belt. In this talk I'll cover how to use headless Chrome and Puppeteer to build a basic suite of automated tests to make sure your sites are following generic best practices. We will dig into getting Headless Chrome up and running, programmatic control using Puppeteer, and how to start using Headless Chrome for testing.

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Tristan Sokol


Tristan works on the developer platform for Square, and thinks quite a lot about how to make developer experiences great. When he isn't at work, he can usually be found at home blogging about some kind of new IoT or ML tool. On the rare occasions he isn't in front of a computer, he is almost always found growing succulents in his back yard.

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