February 29 - March 2, 2012
Montreal, Canada

An advanced tour of the python language and stdlib

Python is well known for coming "batteries included", with a very rich and helpful standard library.

Some usages of it are not well understood (Metaclasses, descriptors), and some others just unknown (co-routines). The goal is to go trough most of them, with examples of when they can simplify your life as a developer.

This session will try to go trough some of the most amazing and useful python features I found by asking long-time python users for the best unknown features they can think about.

Let's dive into python and its advanced techniques that can change your everyday life!

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Alexis Metaireau


Python web developer at mozilla, working for the services team, Alexis is found of opensource and is involved in the python standard library, sometimes working on packaging.

He likes to consider python and computer science as a tool, not as a goal.

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