February 29 - March 2, 2012
Montreal, Canada

Continuous Delivery at Speed

Continuous Delivery done at speed is a little like driving a Ferrari with your foot flat on the peddle. Fun but you cannot help but feel a little bit concerned you might die. Thats what fast Continuous delivery feels like when you start it at least. What do we mean by Continuous Delivery? What we are really taking about is Continuous integration and Continuous deployment. A developer pushes some half finished feature to a branch, tests are run, code is integrated and deployed to production. This talk will look at what it takes for a startup to implement continuous delivery at speed. Looking at how we have approached these problems at Songkick.com. We will examine all the complications/fun of having a complex system with multiple components, libraries and interdependencies. Songkick.com is a Ruby shop and we will be focusing on how to achieve continuous delivery at speed in the Ruby world. Looking at the existing tools, the ones we had to write and the ones we stole from other languages

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Joseph Wilk


Joseph Wilk is a coder, a tester and a teacher. He suffers from test obsession and has given up hope of any treatment that does not involve high voltages. He works as a senior developer at a startup Songkick helping shape the future of live music.

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