February 29 - March 2, 2012
Montreal, Canada

Mo’ Money, Less Problems with ActiveMerchant

Your Ruby/Rails application is up and running, you’ve got users, and better still, they’re ready to pay to for the fruits of your genius. Okay, genius: how do they pay? The answer is ActiveMerchant, the de facto standard for handling payments in Ruby. ActiveMerchant gives you a single, simple API that supports many payment gateways and lets you authorize a payment and capture the money, all with only a screenful’s worth of code. In this session, we’ll walk you through a simple payment, work up to a full Rails-based shopping cart with payment authorization and capture and show you what the industry standards are and the security precautions you should take.

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Joey deVilla


Joey deVilla is Shopify's rock and roll accordion-playing, community-building, code-writing and mischief-making Platform Evangelist. His job is to write, talk, code and sing about the Shopify ecommerce platform to developers, designers and merchants. In a previous life, he was a Developer Evangelist at Microsoft where he specialized in Windows Phone, web development and annoying upper management. You'll rarely see Joey without his accordion, laptop and iPad.

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