February 29 - March 2, 2012
Montreal, Canada

Rails 3.1

Another new version of Rails. Delightful. And terrifying. What's changed this time? Fear Not!

We'll be reviewing the changes and additions to Rails 3.1, giving you a walk-through of what it all means (asset pipeline, what?), in the context of a brand new app, and an older app that will need to be upgraded.

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Lori Olson

The WNDX Group Inc.

Six years ago Lori tried Ruby and Rails as an alternative to Java web development and "has never looked back!" She has been delivering Rails applications ever since, including the innovative eTriever, and Oil & Gas data browser.

Lori has a long list of speaking credits. Most recently speaking at jQuery Conf 2011 (Boston), and at Madison Ruby 2011. She also teaches a Ruby on Rails workshop, Ruby on Rails for Real, in Calgary, AB.

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