February 26-28, 2014
Montreal, Canada


Building Testable Applications

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A clean architecture lays the foundation for applications which are independent of frameworks, independent of any particular persistence technology, and independent of the user interface. It is precisely this independence which makes applications testable: unit tests, edge-to-edge tests and end-to-end tests can all be easily and effectively implemented when the architecture is solid and sound.

Attendees of this two-day training event at ConFoo will learn how to design and implement testable applications with PHP. Each development step will be explained in-depth while a testable application is built, based on a detailed specification for a non-trivial web application that must deal with asynchronous processing and concurrency issues.

Covered training topics include: domain modeling, command query responsibility segregation, event sourcing, unit testing, test-driven development and experiment-driven development.

Just as a clean architecture is the basis for independent, testable applications, a strong training is the foundation for independent, effective application developers. thePHP.cc’s Sebastian Bergmann, Arne Blankerts, and Stefan Priebsch are world-renowned PHP professionals with combined and complementary expertise in the areas of structure-building, strategic planning and IT security. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from these industry leaders in this highly interactive and entertaining training event.

Ruby on Rails Fast Track Training

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Learn how to design, develop and deploy amazing web applications with the Ruby on Rails framework

Do you want to learn Ruby on Rails? Are you having trouble getting started? Are existing tutorials out there confusing you more than helping you to understand the Ruby language and Rails framework?

This course is not about learning Ruby or Rails feature by feature. This course is about understanding the language and framework, and getting productive with building Ruby on Rails apps as quickly as humanly possible.

This course assumes that you already are familiar with web development from another language such as PHP. You should already know how to use the Unix command line and some kind of source control such as Git. You don't need to know Ruby before taking this class, but it will help you get up to speed faster.

The objective of this training is that at the end of our two day brain dump, you should be well on your way to building high quality web applications with Ruby on Rails.

Mastering Symfony2

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Originally created for the internal needs of the french SensioLabs company, the Symfony framework has been open sourced in 2005 to become the most famous PHP 5.3 framework for building professionnal applications. It's already used and supported by a growing PHP developers community from many well known Open Source projects such as Drupal, phpBB, Doctrine, Composer, Silex, Behat or eZ Publish.

This workshop will guide into the understanding of the most interesting and advanced features of the Symfony framework. In only two days of intensively practicing Symfony with a SensioLabs Symfony Certified expert, you will learn how to master the most interesting features such as dependency injection, authentication mechanisms, forms and validation, functional testing and even edge caching with ESI.

This workshop is also the best training to learn the Object Oriented Design and Symfony development best practices. The trainer will teach you how to take leverage the best object oriented design techniques like dependency injection but also how to make your bundle easily configurable and extendable. You will also discover how you can write clean, understandable and testable code by decoupling your classes into small services and entities.

At the end of this very practical workshop, you will be able to write your first professional applications!

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