Hugo Hamon

Hugo Hamon

Hugo Hamon is a PHP and Symfony certified developer. After five years of professional PHP web development in web agencies for famous french customers, he now works as a software architect, consultant and trainer at SensioLabs. On his free time, Hugo contributes to Symfony and many other open source projects. Hugo also wrote and contributed to french and english books related to PHP and the Symfony framework.

Montreal 2017 sessions

Getting Started with Symfony 3

English session - Beginner

This talk is a 1 hour live coding session targeted to PHP developers who wish to get started with Symfony quickly. While coding a small demo application from scratch, I'll explain the most important concepts of Symfony such as HTTP request handling, URLs routing, Doctrine and Twig integrations and the famous debugging tools. If the allocated time also enables it, you'll learn how to configure the framework and extend it with your custom services.

Solving real world problems with design patterns!

English session - Advanced

Design patterns are conceptual solutions to solve common redundant problems in software engineering. However, learning them is not easy as litterature or tutorials on the Internet often introduce them with theorical examples. This talk gives you a slightly different approach by introducing some of the most useful design patterns with practical code samples to solve real world problems.

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