February 18-20, 2015
Montreal, Canada

Behaviour Driven Development with SpecFlow

You may know TDD but do you know BDD? Just like its cousin Behaviour Driven Development is a technique focusing on development using automated tests but at the functional or behaviour level. Think automated acceptance testing using English sentences with a few extra keywords: Given, When and Then.

In this presentation I'll be using SpecFlow, a Visual Studio extension that help us write BDD style tests easily.

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Pascal Laurin


Pascal Laurin est un développeur .NET et MVP C#. Depuis maintenant 12 ans il se passionne pour l'architecture logicielle, les bonnes pratiques de développement et l'agilité. Il est aussi coorganisateur du user group MSDEVMTL.

Pascal Laurin is a .NET developer, a C# MVP and he is very passionate about software development. Among his interests are software architecture, development best practices and agility. He is a MSDEVMTL user group leader were he also speak from time to time.

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