February 18-20, 2015
Montreal, Canada

Beyond MVC: from Model to Domain

MVC allows you to divide responsibilities in your application but offers no help in building the most critical part: the domain logic. This talk will introduce ways that can help you to encapsulate the richness of your domain. We'll look at patterns such as Action Domain Responder and Hexagonal Architecture before introducing Domain Driven Design. Find out how to get beyond MVC and begin modelling your domains in rich, powerful and reusable ways.

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Jeremy Cook


Jeremy has been a software developer since 2008, working with many technologies across a variety of web applications. He has built software for a variety of clients, ranging from major sports leagues to large scale enterprise applications. He is passionate about clean maintainable code and helping teams to adopt practices that accelerate their development. Jeremy is a senior principal developer for Oracle, based in the Waterloo, ON office.

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