February 18-20, 2015
Montreal, Canada

Confessions of a Remote Worker

More and more companies are realizing that there can be great benefits in allow knowledge workers to telecommute - and developers are dancing in the streets. But what are they actually doing at home? Do they put on pants? Are they working their required 8 hours each day? Are they actually at their desk when you have a conference call? We'll chat about why these are the wrong questions to ask and what to expect both as a remote worker and manager.

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Jordan Kasper


Shortly after it arrived at his home in 1993, Jordan began disassembling his first computer - his mother was not happy. She breathed more easily when he moved from hardware into programming, starting with BASIC. Jordan's experience includes multiple startups, companies large and small, and one large university. He contributes to a few open source projects and participates in local user groups, barcamps, and hackathons. Jordan's primary mission for over 10 years has been to use JavaScript, HTML,

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