February 18-20, 2015
Montreal, Canada

Database Normalization for Developers

Most software centers around some type of database or at least data structures. As software developers we need to understand the principles of Database Normalization.  For the most part the first three normal forms are common sense. We’ll discuss the normal forms and use the classic example of an invoice to demonstrate how to apply the principles.

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Rosina Bignall

Social & Scientific Systems, Inc

Rosina is a software engineer and technical lead developing PHP and front end applications. She loves learning and exploring new technologies and integrating them into the workflow. She has made contributions to core AngularJS, Angular-UI, a JSON API plugin for Slim Framework, and started a ZF1/ZF2 compatibility layer allowing new ZF2 apps to work in conjunction with legacy ZF1 apps. She loves horseback riding! And she owns a small ranch with horses, chickens and a garden.

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