February 18-20, 2015
Montreal, Canada

Developing for Wearables – Lessons Learned & Best Practices

Have you wanted to develop apps for a popular wearable device such as Google Glass? Perhaps you had an idea for a device that you’d like to prototype & bring to market? Not sure where to start, or haven’t found time to get into it? In this session, you'll find out about most of platforms on the market, learn the code to build apps for wearable devices & the steps on how to prototype your own. To quote Tony Stark: "We're back in hardware mode!"

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Jean-Luc David


Jean-Luc is an experienced technologist based in Toronto. He's got his start running a successful web & mobile development shop for over 11 years. Jean-Luc has worked for companies such as Microsoft, Yellow Pages Group, Digiflare, Slyce and TouchTunes. He is currently working as a wearables & mobile consultant and loves building products at hackathons around the World.

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